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A/V: NARRATOR (VO): Any position in law enforcement is filled with daily challenges. But the job of sheriffs differs from other law-enforcement officials in that their jurisdiction is usually limited to a single county. And, unlike commissioners and chiefs of police, sheriffs are usually elected by popular vote. Sheriffs and their deputies are involved in a wide range of law enforcement activities within their jurisdiction —everything from issuing traffic tickets to conducting murder investigations. In addition, most sheriffs’ offices are also responsible for serving warrants, subpoenas, restraining orders, and other legal documents issued by various state, county, and local courts. The work can be dangerous when apprehending and transporting prisoners, and the hours can be long, since rotating shifts and conducting investigations may necessitate working weekends and overtime. With its wide variety of duties, the office of sheriff is clearly one of the most unique and challenging of all positions in law enforcement.


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