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Most people work very hard to provide for their families and maintain a safe and secure home. But sometimes they need help. Security officers provide people with peace of mind; they protect people’s property, records, money, and even lives. Duties vary depending on where they work; for example, at ports or railroads, security officers ensure that nothing is stolen or damaged during loading or unloading, and look for trouble among work crews. In places like military bases, guards check credentials of those entering and leaving the facility. There are several important points to mention about this occupation. First, the potential dangers, such as armed robberies, require an ability to act quickly and resourcefully to resolve any situation. Second, there are strict requirements for becoming a security officer. Applicants should be in good physical shape, have good character references and must not have a police record. In addition, many employers require applicants to submit to a drug screening test, or may ask applicants to pass a polygraph or written test of honesty as a condition of employment. These strict requirements are necessary since security officers are given a tremendous amount of responsibility in securing our valuables and protecting our lives.


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