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Janus was the Roman god who guarded gates and doors, so it's not surprising that the first "janitors" were doorkeepers. Gradually the job responsibilities expanded to include cleaning, sweeping, and otherwise caring for a building. That's why janitors are sometimes also known as "building custodians" or "maintenance workers." Schools, apartment and office buildings, shopping malls, airport terminals, hospitals, and just about every other place people gather, rely on janitors to keep them neat and clean. But cleaning and trash collection are often only part of the job. Janitors may also perform simple electrical and plumbing work. They may be responsible for making repairs, replacing light bulbs, and even fixing or replacing door locks. They may also test and service a building's heating and air conditioning systems. At some locations, janitors keep sidewalks clear of snow in the winter and tend a building's lawns and shrubs in the summer. Some janitorial duties can be unpleasant. But building owners and supervisors depend on having a clean, pleasant environment for their tenants and visitors. Knowing that you are contributing to the maintenance of such an environment can be very satisfying.


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