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When people are looking for amusement or recreation, they can go to golf courses, carnivals, billiard parlors, and bowling alleys. But they can also go to places like Disney World, Six Flags, Sesame Place, Busch Gardens, and other theme parks. To ensure that the public has a fun and entertaining yet safe experience, amusement and recreation attendants directly interact with the public: selling and collecting tickets, operating amusement concessions, distributing equipment, and otherwise facilitating an activity. They are responsible people who must make sure that everything from roller coaster cars to the boats in "The Pirates of the Caribbean" are loaded and unloaded in an orderly fashion and that the ride isn't started until everyone is safely seated and strapped in securely. In some cases, attendants may operate and control the ride themselves. Advancement possibilities may be limited, but there is no better way for someone interested in the fast-growing recreation industry to gain first-hand, front-line experience than to spend some time as an amusement/recreation attendant.


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