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Certain situations require that we change…or temporarily store…our street clothes while away from home. That’s why we need locker room, coatroom and dressing room attendants. Locker room attendants perform varied tasks in athletic facilities. They assign lockers and rent footwear or other gear. They answer members' questions and explain how equipment is used. They're often responsible for cleaning and maintaining the locker room, including restocking supplies. Coatroom attendants are found in many dining establishments. In addition to checking coats, attendants often need to check packages and other items that customers don’t want to be burdened with at the table. Keeping everything properly ordered requires simple organizational skills. Coatrooms are often small, cramped spaces. The work tends to be seasonal… and it can be stressful. Customers can be demanding and impatient. A pleasant demeanor is a must because a large part of a coatroom attendant’s income depends on tips. Dressing room attendants work in clothing stores, assisting shoppers. They assign and escort customers to dressing rooms, so they must be friendly and courteous. Attendants keep track of store items taken into the fitting room, to help prevent shoplifting. So they must also be careful observers. While no formal education is required, a high school diploma is a plus for these positions. Training is given on the job. These attendants are on duty whenever their workplaces are open, frequently on weekends, evenings and holidays. While the pay may be low, you might want to check out this occupation for flexible, part-time work!


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