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Customer Service Representatives are considered a vital part of any organization that deals with consumers. Research has shown that people still prefer to talk to a live person instead of a machine when conducting a business transaction. Depending on the type of company they work for, Customer Service Representatives solicit and verify information, create files and perform various processing tasks, either via mail, telephone, or in person. They may spend hours a day in front of a computer, documenting the information they receive and must be familiar with the products or services their company provides. A friendly personality, plus the ability to handle stress well, can come in handy, especially when serving a difficult customer. If you are looking for a flexible work schedule, this may be a good opportunity for you, since many organizations hire part-time and temporary workers. There are no educational requirements for this occupation. If you have a pleasant personality, like talking to people and desire a flexible work schedule, being a Customer Service Representative may be the right job for you.


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