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Behind almost all successful business executives are executive secretaries. Sometimes called administrative assistants, these invaluable workers handle a variety of office activities that keep their employers' businesses running smoothly. While they usually possess excellent clerical and computer skills themselves, executive secretaries tend to delegate many of those duties to others. They are more likely to be reviewing correspondence and writing responses…preparing presentations…or conducting research for a report he or she is writing for the boss. In addition, executive secretaries may manage projects and plan special events or conferences. They often train and supervise other office staff, as well as oversee the purchase and maintenance of office supplies and equipment. This worker is also the gatekeeper to senior managers. Executive secretaries not only schedule appointments, they may even determine who gains access to the boss. Most of the work is done in a comfortable indoor setting. The length of the workday will depend on the boss. Some bosses work long hours and expect their key assistants to be there with them. Executive secretaries usually come up through the secretarial ranks and often earn their own offices. Good writing and people skills are required. Generally, so is at least a high school diploma. Many schools offer programs leading to a certificate or associate’s degree in executive secretarial skills. This job can be an excellent springboard for advancement to middle management.


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