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For years after Edison invented the light bulb, people wouldn't buy a lamp unless it could use both electricity and gas. Most assumed electricity in the home was just a fad, and they wanted to be prepared for the return to gaslight. Today, of course, civilization depends on electricity and on the men and women who splice the wires and install the switches to make the electricity flow. The work of electricians is as varied as the uses for electricity itself. Some work for electrical contractors and specialize in new construction. Others work for public utilities and highway departments. Still others work in assembly, industrial, and manufacturing plants. And many are self-employed. Wherever they work, electricians must be extremely safety-conscious. And they need excellent color vision to properly connect color-coded wires. They must be able to follow a blueprint and —most important of all— be able to perform their work according to national, state, and local building codes. Far from being a passing fad, electricity now runs the world. That's why there will always be jobs for trained electricians, regardless of where they want to work.


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