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Bill and Account Collectors contact customers with overdue bills. Collectors call customers, inform them of the amount due and ask for payment. If the Customer disputes the amount or the transaction, the Collector investigates the matter. When customers move without leaving a forwarding address, collectors check with the post office, phone companies and computerized databases to find a new address and contact the customer. In extreme cases, a collector may have to re-possess the goods sold, cancel service or refer the account to an attorney. Some collectors work for independent agencies that specialize in collections, while others work in-house for the retail store or bank that issued the credit. Most collectors work a forty-hour week, which may include nights and weekends. A high school diploma is sufficient to qualify for most collection positions. Skills are learned on the job, usually from experienced collectors. Collection work can be emotionally draining, especially when it involves listening to people’s money problems. Collectors must be pleasant and tactful, yet firm and persuasive enough to get the customer to pay the overdue account.


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