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Clergy are the spiritual and religious leaders of their faith. They lead their congregations in prayer and teach and interpret religious traditions. Clergy organize religious services and officiate at special ceremonies such as weddings, baptisms, bar mitzvahs and funerals. They also visit the sick and dying and counsel and comfort people with family problems. As leaders of their faith, clergy should inspire confidence while being sensitive to the needs of others. Some Clergy are administrators and may raise funds from their congregation to expand programs or build or repair a temple or school. The requirements for entering the clergy vary greatly but the overriding qualification is to have the “calling” for this special vocation, which is more a way of life than an occupation. Working in the clergy places extraordinary demands on a person’s time and energies. Clergy often work from early in the morning to late at night, and must be available at any hour to comfort the dying or help those in need. Most clergy are college graduates and have also completed a program of theological study. Some religious sects do not allow women to become clergy or allow their clergy to marry. If you are seriously interested in the clergy as a vocation, you should speak with your religious leaders. For the select few who are willing to place the spiritual needs of their congregation ahead of any individual gain, the clergy offers a life of rich personal fulfillment.


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