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From farms and ranches…to fisheries and forests, science plays a vital role in all aspects of agriculture. Training the next generation of specialists in this area is the work of Agricultural Sciences Teachers, Postsecondary. These teachers are usually found at universities, colleges and community colleges. They are responsible for developing the course material for students interested in furthering their education in agriculture. Using lectures and discussions, work assignments and examinations, teachers cover a wide array of subjects. For example: plant genetics, fishery management and agricultural soil conservation. Some school work may take place out in the field, affording students more hands-on experience. Post Secondary teachers need extensive knowledge of the sciences including biology and chemistry. Good communication skills are essential. These educators also act as advisors, counseling students on career choices. Postsecondary teachers have a range of educational backgrounds - from expertise in their field…to graduate degrees. While the work schedule is flexible, teachers should expect to be in class 12 to 16 hours a week. Employment opportunities for post-secondary teachers in general is expected to expand faster than most other occupations. Agricultural Sciences Teachers are helping to keep our country on the leading edge of food production and resource conservation.


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