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Imagine being paid to shop all day! Purchasers and buyers find the best possible goods at the lowest price for their firms. The successful ones increase company profits and their own salaries. In general, purchasers buy goods and services for company use; buyers acquire items for resale. Buyers and purchasing agents decide which vendor offers the best goods or services, negotiate the price, award the contract, and see that the correct amount is received on time. They also monitor sales records, maintain inventory, search for new vendors, and stay informed about market changes affecting both resources and sales. Purchasers and buyers judge quality and price by using catalogs, magazines, directories, journals and computer resources. They study vendor proposals, attend trade shows, and visit plants. Beginning as trainees, purchasing clerks, expediters, or assistant buyers, they need working knowledge of whatever they buy. Some retail firms promote employees to assistant buyer; others recruit and train college graduates. This seasonal and competitive job involves much pressure. Workers call on stamina to handle the pace, long days and travel. However, they enjoy comfortable offices, opportunities for advancement, and access to many fringe benefits.


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