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Everyday we’re surrounded by signs and written information. Now imagine not being able to read. For too many Americans, that nightmare is a reality. That’s why Adult Literacy teachers are so important. They help people who never learned to read…to read. They also teach English as a second language courses. Another group in need are those who never graduated from high school. Without a high school diploma, many job opportunities are out of reach for them. To help these individuals, there are teachers and instructors who specialize in remedial education. They help people acquire the skills to get what’s called a “high school equivalency degree”…or G-E-D. They provide instruction in English, history, math, science and geography. Lessons tend to be very practical. GED instructors and teachers prepare students to take the G-E-D test. Attaining a GED can mean a better job, higher pay and a brighter future. Adult Literacy, Remedial Education, and GED Teachers and Instructors require a great deal of patience. Some of the individuals, who come to remedial education classes, or literacy programs, have learning disabilities. Many have been frustrated by past failures. As their teacher you need to provide encouragement, as well as education. Positions range from trained volunteers at community centers…to certified teachers in public schools or government-funded programs. While educational requirements vary by state and by program, one requirement is universal: the desire to help others improve their lives - to become active participants in our society, to hold a job, and to further their education.


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