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Coaches and Scouts Job Description

With more leisure time than ever, the fitness craze has created better opportunities for sports instructors and coaches. The main difference between the two occupations is that instructors demonstrate general skills and rules of a particular sport to an individual or group, while coaches work to prepare an individual or team for competition and continue to give instruction during the competition. Instructors may be employed by health clubs, community centers, parks and recreational facilities, or even by private business, to teach tennis, golf or swimming. Coaches work with athletes to sharpen their skills and help them train for competitive events. Through the use of lectures and demonstrations, a coach develops the team’s strategies and motivates them to succeed. Both positions also have administrative responsibilities, such as the recruitment of new players and scheduling of lessons, practices and contests. For both occupations, success can be measured by the cheers of a crowd, as well as the satisfaction gained from watching athletes achieve their dreams.


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