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People love plants. Shrubs provide privacy and reduce noise. Gardens add color and often attract butterflies and birds. But, whether you buy your plants at a home or garden center, a grocery store, or someplace else, they all come from plant nurseries. These are businesses that literally "nurse" seedlings in greenhouses until they can survive in the outside world. Nursery workers make this possible. They cut and trim. They fertilize. They spray for insects and disease. Some may load trees, plants, and mulch onto a truck, drive to a homeowner's site, and literally create a landscape. Others may use forklifts and front-end loaders to load, unload, and arrange plant stock. Or they may create seasonal displays of plant merchandise. If you are interested in this type of work, you must also be a “people person,” since you will be interacting with customers, helping them find specific plants and flora, educating them on proper care techniques, and making suggestions to them on similar plants you think may interest them. Much of the work is done outdoors, and in northern states, it is quite seasonal. But few things are more satisfying than thrusting your hands into the earth and making things grow!


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