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We live in the Internet age, but printing text and images on paper and other materials is more popular than ever. That’s good news for the print press machine operators who setup and operate printing presses. Employed by firms that print color newspaper inserts and catalogs, by small shops that do custom business printing, and by many companies in between, these workers are essential to modern business. In the set-up and make-ready stages, they oil moving parts, clean rollers, and lock printing plates in place. They adjust the paper, fill the ink fountains, and adjust the flow. After a trial sheet has been printed and checked, the print run begins. To avoid waste, print quality must be monitored constantly. And any adjustments must be made quickly. Often there is deadline pressure to make sure that anything from wedding invitations to tomorrow’s newspapers are printed in time. Individuals and companies alike depend on print press machine operators to keep the presses rolling.


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