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Water, water, everywhere: but it is safe to use? Water & Waste Treatment Plant Operators treat water so it's safe to drink, while Waste Treatment Plant Operators remove pollutants and other harmful materials from wastewater, making it safe to return to the environment. Water and Waste Treatment Plant Operators read gauges and meters and use computers to make sure that the equipment is operating properly. They operate chemical feeding machines, test water samples, and make repairs to valves and pumps. To handle emergencies, operators are trained in emergency management response procedures to protect the public health and the facility. Most Water and Waste Treatment Plant jobs are with local and federal governments, or with utilities and private water supply and sanitary services companies. Operators must pass a State certification exam. Since Plants operate around the clock, shift work, weekend and holiday duty is common and expected. The work can be physically strenuous and dirty. Working conditions can be noisy and smelly. Slippery floors and dangerous gases can make this job hazardous. However, simple safety guidelines minimize these risks. Water and waste treatment plant operators provide essential services that everyone in the community depends on every day.


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