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occupy the top spot on a librarian's support staff. They free librarians up for other tasks while helping to acquire, prepare, and organize materials. They also guide library users to the information they need. In larger libraries, technicians often specialize in an area, such as audiovisual equipment or the reference or periodicals sections. In smaller libraries they handle a range of duties, from helping librarians with customizing databases to helping patrons wade through a computerized cataloguing system. In schools they instruct teachers and students how to use the library computers to access data. In government and the business world they conduct searches and prepare abstracts. Technicians are usually supervised by a librarian. A typical day may include hours spent in front of a monitor or bending and stretching to replace books and materials. Job requirements vary widely, from a high school diploma to a specialized college degree. Library technicians earn higher wages than other full-time library assistants because of their computer skills. Advances in technology point to expanding opportunities for this paraprofessional in the future.


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