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Caring for a small child…or helping a grieving family face the death of a loved one…it takes a special person to work in Human Services. You have to be willing to make a connection--to take the emotional risks that come with getting involved with other peoples’ lives. In return, you’ll get the satisfaction of knowing you’re needed. Some of the people you care for won’t be able to express their thanks. And sometimes people that need the help of human services workers can be difficult. So a generous portion of patience and understanding help immensely in this field. Human services workers range from aides who provide basic help in a person’s home, to people at agencies who work to connect clients with resources that can improve their lives. Some training or coursework in psychology can help a lot; for some positions it’s a requirement. The clergy are also considered human service workers, because of the care they provide. A strong religious feeling might not be enough to get you moving toward a position in the clergy; you will probably need to go to a seminary, or get an advanced degree before you can lead a congregation. Funeral directors and morticians also need specific training, and licensing. Before starting into this line of work, you might want to make an appointment to talk to a funeral director about what a career in this field might be like. If you’re considering a position caring for children, or the elderly, ask if you can spend a little time with the people for whom you’d be caring. How you feel about being with them can tell you whether you’re the right person for the job. In fact, for all kinds of human service positions, It’s a good idea to talk to people who already have jobs in the field you’re interested in. They can tell you about the ups and downs—how difficult a bad day is, and how wonderful a good day can be.


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