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The nation’s economy depends on businesses that are sound and trustworthy. But we don’t depend on trust alone. Financial Examiners help to make sure that the laws and guidelines regarding money are being properly followed. For example, when a bank claims it has a certain amount of cash reserves… …or when a company plans to sell shares of stock to the public… …a Financial Examiner checks the records. It’s the examiner’s job to make sure that everything is accurate and legal. Like a detective, the financial examiner needs to be extremely attentive to detail, carefully checking and double-checking the facts. A precise understanding of math, finance and the law is required. Many long hours are spent sitting at a desk…using a calculator or special accounting software programs. Sometimes it’s necessary to do a site visit. That means conducting a visual inspection in order to verify certain information. Training for this career takes place in college, followed by real-world experience gained working alongside established examiners. Whether employed by businesses or government, financial examiners have an important role in our economy. We not only rely on the quality of their work, we rely on their integrity as well.


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