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When a crisis occurs, whether an act of war or terrorism, a technological emergency such as a nuclear power plant accident or hazardous waste spill, or a natural disaster, someone has to coordinate the response. Emergency Management Specialists work for law enforcement agencies, the military, local, state or the federal government and for private industry, to imagine the worst—and plan for it. When times are good, these specialists prepare emergency plans, provide training, develop warning systems, and run drills. So when bad things happen, such as floods, accidents, etc., the response can be more efficient, and more effective. This career path usually requires a college education or specific training in the military or in a related civilian occupation. These specialists need a through knowledge of planning principles and techniques. They also must have the ability to interpret and apply relevant laws and regulations to the situation. A background in algebra, chemistry, physics, geometry and trigonometry could prove useful. Good oral and written communication skills, and the ability to work on a team are also important. And an absolute “must” is the ability to act calmly and decisively under extremely stressful conditions.


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