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We usually don’t see them, but below the surface of oceans, lakes and rivers, Commercial Divers are doing a lot of important work. Divers are used to inspect and patch the hulls of ships. They’re specially trained in how to attach cables to sunken objects so they can be hoisted to the surface without damage. Divers help install pilings for construction projects…check underwater pipes and cables for breaks…and they maintain underwater machinery such as pumps. They may search for missing persons or objects, or collect police evidence. They may also operate video and other related equipment to investigate underwater structures and marine life. This is all incredibly demanding work. The simplest activities on the surface take great concentration and physical effort underwater. And it is dangerous. Divers often work in the dark… sometimes inside confined spaces. They need to be able to remain calm in emergencies. All this while wearing SCUBA gear. So a diver must be constantly mindful of his remaining supply of oxygen. For deeper, longer dives, they use a special suit tethered to the surface with an air hose and communication wire. In addition to mastering diving skills, these experts need to know how to weld under water…and even how to safely rig explosives for construction projects. To get started, a high school diploma or GED is required. Specialized training is offered by some two-year technical schools. And you need to be in excellent health. Employment prospects in this field look good. So if you feel you’re qualified to take the plunge, consider a career as a Commercial Diver.


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