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Computer skills are an asset for almost any career. That fact fills the seats in computer science classes every semester at vocational and technical schools, colleges and universities. People on the leading edge of computer technology are as prized on campus as they are in the corporate world. As in other fields of study, computer science instructors teach classes and do research. They often specialize their courses in a particular area, like computer engineering, programming, or information systems theory. They prepare and give lectures, assignments and exams and supervise laboratory sessions. Doing research means designing studies, then collecting and analyzing data, and publishing the findings. Computer science faculty work in offices, classrooms and computer labs. They have flexible schedules depending on the courses they teach and the amount of consulting and research they do. Some spend additional time as department heads or advising students helping them to select and schedule classes. Advancement to administrative positions usually requires a doctoral degree, especially at 4-year institutions. Competition is keen for most full-time faculty positions. Computer science instructors with graduate degrees have better job prospects. That’s because they’re they're often lured away by businesses first, so there are fewer applicants vying for academic positions. Some instructors work in nonacademic jobs, and share their professional skills, experience, and contacts as part-time, or "adjunct" faculty.


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