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Investing has become more complex than ever. There are literally thousands of stocks, bonds and funds to choose from. That’s why advice from Financial Analysts is in great demand. They do the research that helps investors make decisions. The analyst examines a company’s financial records, its projections, even its competitors to get a handle on whether it’s a smart investment...or a risky one. Much of the work is done from an office desk, using computers and phones. They may travel to visit companies they’re analyzing, for a first hand look. Based upon their research, they make recommendations to their clients. Some analysts advise banks, insurance companies and other large investment groups. Other analysts are employed by firms that handle investments for individuals. In either case, the requirements are the same: you need strong math and analytical skills, as well as keen business savvy. A college education is usually a must. To move ahead in the field, a financial analyst might seek an advanced degree in business, and certification as a Chartered Financial Analyst. More and more organizations and individuals are turning to investing to increase the return on their money. That means the job outlook for financial analysts is becoming increasingly “bullish.”


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