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They keep refrigerators humming—and space labs in the sky. People who work in scientific, engineering and technical services have a wide range of training and education. Yet they share a common talent for problem solving. The challenge might be choosing the right tools to cut a gemstone. Figuring out why a cash register is jammed. Or developing new ways of refining chemicals, or packaging food. Each scientist, engineer and technician brings knowledge to a problem, and works toward a solution. The work can be microscopic. A biological scientist examines the tiniest elements of life to find new ways of treating disease. Our increasingly complex world demands an army of scientists, engineers and technicians. And their work might take them anywhere in the world in the years ahead. With the breathtaking rate of change, and new technological developments flowing constantly from research centers, people in this field must be willing to continually update their education. Many of these jobs require advanced degrees, but the degree, and the experience, won’t be enough. New materials, new equipment, new scientific breakthroughs, will require people to rethink how they do the jobs they were trained to perform. So this is a field for people who are excited by challenge, and who love to learn. Their work has the potential to change the world—and even make it better.


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