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Pollution is a major problem in today’s world. But we can breathe a little easier if Environmental Engineering Technicians are on the job. Working with environmental engineers and scientists, these technicians test the air, water and soil for pollution. This involves setting up and monitoring sophisticated equipment. If findings indicate that pollution levels need to be further investigated, these technicians become environmental detectives. Once they’ve located the source of the problem, action can be taken to correct the situation. For most Environmental Technicians, their office is the great outdoors. Field work is essential in protecting our forests, waterways and communities… and it has to be carried out in all types of weather conditions. Part of the job may require work in a lab testing samples and writing reports. There’s lots of room for growth in this field, because of increased concerns about health hazards caused by pollution. Many technicians work for government environmental agencies. In addition to at least a 2-year college degree in technology, you have to take classes in environmental regulations and the safe handling of hazardous materials. Few careers can have as positive an impact on Mother Earth and the living things that depend on it, than that of an Environmental Engineering Technician.


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