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Many jobs carry an element of risk. Through the years, however, the United States has tried to make even the most dangerous places to work as safe as possible. Industrial Safety and Health Engineers are responsible for making sure workplaces meet the requirements of laws designed to protect people. They promote worksite or product safety and health by applying knowledge of industrial processes, as well as mechanical, chemical and psychological principles. They must be able to anticipate and evaluate hazardous conditions as well as hazard control methods. Depending on the industry for which they’re responsible, safety and health engineers draw on their knowledge and experience. They work with other public health and safety officials to coordinate efforts. They also can be investigators who search for violations and the causes of accidents. And, they explore new ways of doing things that minimize dangers. Training workers in safety and emergency procedures is another aspect of this job. Many of these positions require a four year college degree in engineering, enhanced by work related experience. And it’s clear to see, that protecting America’s workers requires communications skills and a strong sense of responsibility. WHAT IS THIS? Pan, implement, and coordinate safety programs, requiring application of engineering principles and technology, to prevent or correct unsafe environmental working conditions.


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