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Developing a flood control system for a community threatened by a river… Designing a farm of the future for a major corporation… Supervising production of new strains of plants … These are just some of the varied jobs an agricultural engineer might do. This is a lifetime career, for which you must train at an engineering school or college department. If you decide to go into research and development, you might go on for a master’s degree, or PhD. In every case, you need to have an aptitude for science and technology, along with good oral and written communication skills. The ability to identify, analyze and solve problems is essential. You could end up working indoors or outdoors, in a forest, laboratory or design office, or on a farm or research station. Though your work focuses on growing and living things, your emphasis will be on the design, manufacturing and construction of machinery and equipment, structures and facilities that improve crop and livestock production, improve food processing techniques, or solve problems related to the use and conservation of soil, water and forest resources. You will also need to be comfortable with computers. The work you do could have a major impact on society. Agricultural engineers examine the impact of all aspects of plant and food production, from our national parks to specialized greenhouses. In fact, agricultural engineers can make headlines with breakthroughs on production techniques such as genetic engineering…and cloning. As the world population grows, the need for the work of agricultural engineers will be ever greater.


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