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Biomedical Engineers are people who develop technologies that help save lives. They combine biology and medicine with engineering and mechanics. It’s a combination that leads to amazing results. Imaging systems that allow doctors to “see” inside a patient’s organs. Artificial limbs, organs and joints. Lasers for surgery. Devices for automating insulin injections; all are the work of biomedical engineers. Many colleges and universities offer a biomedical engineering degree. Specialties include such areas as genetic engineering, medical imaging, rehabilitation engineering, biomaterials, biomechanics, and bioinstrumentation. Most jobs are found in research laboratories often run by a medical manufacturing company, a university or by the government. Expect to spend many hours, even years, on a specific project: researching, developing, failing, and trying again. Among the talents needed, are patience, problem-solving skills, and the ability to handle complex calculations. Also required is a passion to find a way to make a patient’s life longer...or easier.


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