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Hearing loss can be gradual or sudden. Either way it can be devastating. When it comes to problems with hearing or balance…people turn to specialists called Audiologists. They use sophisticated testing equipment and computers to measure the level and quality of the patient’s hearing. The audiologist then interprets the results, and makes a diagnosis and suggests treatment. For example, there may be blockage in the ear canal that needs to be removed. For others patients, the answer may be a hearing aid. This is a growing profession. Many states now require that all newborns be screened for hearing loss. And with people living longer, more of the elderly will need help with their hearing. Patience, concentration and attention to detail are important qualities for this career. Audiologists work in private practice, in hospitals and clinics…or in schools. Hours tend to follow the normal business day. Most states require that you have studied audiology in college and have at least a master’s degree in this field. However, a clinical doctoral degree is expected to become the new requirement for this occupation. In addition, you’ll probably need to pass special tests to get a license to practice. If all of this sounds fine to you, then consider a career as an audiologist.


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