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In the treatment of patients with cancer, Radiation Therapists provide a crucial service. They operate highly sophisticated equipment that uses beams of radiation to destroy tumors. Also known as Radiation Therapy Technologists, they work closely with physicians and radiologists to plan the safest dose for each patient. Therapists must be strong enough to move or lift patients in order to position them properly. They monitor patients during treatment, keep records of results, and give guidance and emotional support to patients and their families. Radiation Therapists work in hospitals, clinics and medical centers. While day shifts are the most common, some employers might require you to work evenings or weekends. There can be some exposure to radiation, but dangerous amounts are not likely. Therapists often wear protective gear, and must always follow required safety procedures. To become a Radiation Therapist, you need to complete a certificate program or have an associate or bachelor’s degree in radiation therapy and some knowledge of medicine, dentistry, computers and electronics. Radiation Therapists must also pass a national exam to obtain their certification. Community colleges and universities, and some hospitals, offer training programs. Employers often prefer graduates who also pass a national certification exam. In some states, these Therapists must be licensed. Radiation therapy is a valuable and commonly used weapon in fighting cancer. Radiation Therapists will be increasingly needed to help save lives through technology.


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