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A recreational therapist is rewarded with small successes that make big differences in a patient’s life: The smile of a stroke victim, who finds she can move her stiff, cramped hand… The pride of a patient in a psychiatric ward, who creates a work of art. With America’s aging population there is a new focus on long term care As a result more physical and psychiatric rehabilitation will be needed in the years ahead. They use a variety of techniques to help people with disabilities, illnesses or other problems use their minds, hands, feet and whole bodies. Through movement, games, art, and music, a recreational therapist can renew the spirit of someone discouraged by a daunting challenge. Though a background in some aspect of recreation is helpful, this is a health care profession. Employment is found in hospitals, rehabilitation centers, adult day service centers, or in school districts helping special education departments. Or you might be assigned by a physician to visit a recovering patient at home. Certified Therapeutic Recreation Specialists must have a bachelor’s degree, pass an exam, and complete an internship of at least 360 hours. College programs often include the internship placements as part of the coursework. If you are patient, tactful, persuasive and creative, this career choice offers the opportunity to make a positive difference in many lives.


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