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Emergency medical technicians or “EMTs” (pronounced:”e-em-tees”) are the men and women who are usually first on the scene when there is a heart attack victim, a near-drowning, automobile accident injuries, gunshot wounds, or anything else requiring immediate medical attention. Working in two-person teams, EMTs drive their ambulances or rescue squad vehicles to the scene, assess the situation, and execute the appropriate procedures. Those procedures may include administering CPR (pronounced: “see-pea-r”) or using defibrillators to treat heart-attack victims, administering drugs, bandaging wounds, and assisting in childbirth -— an EMT must be prepared to handle just about anything. There are three levels of training: Basic, Intermediate, and Paramedic. Training is offered by police, fire, and health departments, and by hospitals and colleges. Potential employers include municipal fire, police, and rescue squad departments, as well as hospitals and private ambulance services. But if this work is of interest to you, don’t overlook the many unpaid “volunteer” rescue squads and fire departments that serve so many areas of the country.


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