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There’s an expression – “you are what you eat.” And that’s certainly true when it comes to good nutrition. Dietetic Technicians help to make the important connection between food and health. At hospitals, they assist in planning meals that meet the needs of individual patients. They might also work for schools and corporations, developing food selections for the cafeteria. In every case, they rely on guidelines established by the government and medical experts. Some dietetic technicians provide counseling. They teach people about the food choices they should make to prevent or fight disease. For example, if you’re working with someone who has diabetes - you might need to explain about the need to cut back on sugar. Or you might gather information from a patient, so a registered dietician or doctor can determine the patient’s needs. So good communication and writing skills are necessary. Becoming a dietetic technician requires a two-year college degree from an accredited program. The need for dietetic technicians is expected to grow in the years to come. While eating comes naturally to everyone, not everyone knows what’s best for his or her diet. That’s why dietetic technicians play such an important role in keeping America healthy.


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