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Looking inside the human body…without resorting to highly invasive surgery…is the work of Radiologic Technologists and Technicians. They use equipment such as X-rays, CAT scans or computerized tomography to help prepare patients for tests and treatments. The technician is responsible for properly positioning…and immobilizing…the patient on the examining table. Sometimes they administer non-radioactive materials into a patient’s bloodstream for diagnostic purposes. This can be done orally or by injection. Technicians monitor the video display of the area being scanned, adjusting controls to improve picture quality. Some technologists operate equipment themselves…or they may oversee a radiologic staff, assigning duties and supervising the work. They may work with the facility’s administration to develop operating budgets and to help in deciding what new equipment to buy. Technologists work with infectious & radioactive materials. They are responsible for insuring that radiation safety measures comply with government regulations. Training in this field ranges from 1 to four years. This is a profession with better than average growth. With a large aging population, demand for diagnostic imaging will increase. Not to be overlooked is the importance of the human side to the job. These procedures can appear scary, especially to children and the elderly. A friendly, reassuring manner is almost as important as technical expertise.


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