Licensed Practical and Licensed Vocational Nurses Job Description video

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For a Licensed Practical Nurse, or L-P-N, helping people is the top priority. Overall, L-P-Ns provide physical and emotional care for the sick, injured and handicapped. Specific duties range from taking a patient’s blood pressure… to starting intravenous fluids… to assisting emergency room staff during operations. Because a patient’s well-being depends greatly on quality care from L-P-Ns, responsibility and emotional strength are pre-requisites for the job. If you’re interested in this career, you must be observant, able to notice changes in a patient’s condition and take quick and decisive action in any situation. Since L-P-Ns play an active role in teaching people how to stay healthy, you should also be willing to be called upon to teach family members basic nursing tasks or to speak to children about good health and diet habits. This occupation is not without its risks, as you must be prepared to work with people with infectious diseases. However, by following safety policies and procedures, an L-P-N’s job can be kept both safe and satisfying.


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