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Every time a patient is examined, or diagnostic tests are reviewed, a record must be made of the health care professional’s analysis. That report becomes a part of the patient’s medical record—a vital chapter in an ongoing story. To save the expert’s time and to capture the immediacy of the observation, the analysis is dictated, and the tape is then given to a Medical Transcriptionist to distill into a report. The transcriptionist, working with headsets and transcribing equipment, transcribes and edits recorded dictation regarding patient assessment and treatment, emergency procedures, diagnostic imaging studies, operations, chart reviews and final summaries. Often, the process involves translating abbreviations and jargon, so this work requires training in medical terminology. A degree from a vocational school or community college program is preferred, and in many cases required. One in four medical transcriptionists works part time, usually for hospitals and physicians’ offices. Many are self employed. To provide this service you must be able to sit in the same position for long periods, be accurate and efficient, and—because the voices to be transcribed might be difficult to understand—good listening skills are essential.


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