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It can be the ultimate luxurious treat…or an essential element of recovery from an injury…either way, massage therapy is a legitimate part of the health care profession. With the current movement toward natural health, wellness and prevention, there is renewed interest in massage therapy, which has its roots in ancient times. Massage Therapists can work for themselves, physical therapy and rehabilitation practices, a health club, spa,—even for a sports team or dance troupe. Some knowledge of basic anatomy is a good foundation for effective massage. Being comfortable touching patients is an absolute necessity, along with the ability to make the patient feel comfortable about the session. Many states license massage therapists, and a license will distinguish you as a professional service provider. Courses in physical education and fitness and physical therapy could help provide skills. You’ll also want to learn particular techniques, such as sports massage, reflexology, shiatsu or deep tissue massage. These can be learned at a vocational school, or as an apprentice in an established massage program. Becoming a massage therapist could be a first step towards a more structured health care career or an enhancement to occupational skills you already have. Many registered nurses enroll in massage therapy programs.. Licensed physical therapists often include massage in the treatment they offer. Working toward a degree in physical therapy is a way to add to the set of skills you offer—and improve your employment prospects.


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