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The Crossing Guard helps keep pedestrians of all ages safe. Near schools, they are responsible for helping students cross streets safely, stopping traffic when necessary. At construction sites or other hazardous locations, Crossing Guards guide vehicle traffic and pedestrians around obstacles and workers, using signs, flags, and hand signals. At railroad crossings, they activate warning signal lights, lower crossing gates until trains pass, and raise gates when crossings are clear. This is a job that requires a working knowledge of the rules and procedures for traffic safety. That’s why many crossing guards are often supervised by the local police department. A high school diploma is preferred, but not required. Most guards receive their training on the job. The work is outdoors, day and night, in good weather and bad. In fact, the job becomes even more important when weather is at its worst, because it is harder for drivers and pedestrians to see clearly. In addition to having good vision themselves, crossing guards must be able to react quickly. They also need the stamina to stand for a long period of time. It may look like an easy job, but Crossing Guards carry a lot of responsibility. Lives depend on them.


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