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America is a country on the move. So the outlook for employment in the hotel and motel business is good! Making sure rooms, meeting and banquet rooms are clean and equipped is the job of the Housekeeping Supervisor. This position is sometimes called an Executive Housekeeper, and involves many management duties such as hiring, training and firing staff, ordering supplies and maintaining a budget. As a successful hotel is busy seven days a week, the responsibilities are ‘round the clock, seven days a week. To do this job well you must be able to direct a diverse staff, who perform jobs such as maid service and repairs. Technological skill is increasingly important, as hotels are moving toward monitoring rooms with computers. When a guest checks out—the front desk notifies the Housekeeping Supervisor, who assigns a member of his or her staff to clean the room. In the past, people worked their way up the ladder in the hotel business, and it was possible to become an Executive Housekeeper based on experience rather than education. Now, however, graduates of hotel administration programs have the inside track for management positions. Going to work for a large hotel chain makes it more likely that you can advance to increasingly important management positions. The set of skills and experience needed for hotel housekeeping translates to related businesses such as hospitals, nursing homes and schools.


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