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Competition among retail stores has never been fiercer. There are more stores than ever selling the identical products at identical prices, often within a few yards of each other. So where do people shop? Much of the time they pick the store with the most knowledgeable, helpful, and friendly sales people. Since retail sales worker supervisors and managers are directly responsible for a store's sales staff, that makes them very important employees indeed. These are the people who literally manage the store. Retail sales worker managers are responsible for hiring, training, and, when necessary, firing sales people. They make sure that the right merchandise has been ordered and that it is unpacked and placed on the shelves promptly. They are also responsible for managing the work schedules of their employees, solving cash register problems, and handling customer questions and complaints. Perhaps most important of all, these managers strive to create an environment that's appealing to sales workers and customers alike. Salespeople who enjoy their jobs provide better service. And that can give a store a competitive edge over all the other stores who sell the same merchandise.


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