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Modeling looks glamorous. In reality, a model’s life can be very difficult. In addition to keeping one’s skin and body in shape to meet the demands of fashion…you’re always looking for work! Because most modeling jobs only last one day. That’s why models depend on agents to find them work. In return, they turn over as much as 20 percent of their earnings. Would-be models should be wary of schools, and agencies that promise a career for a fee. A safer course is to contact agencies and ask if they’ll look at a snapshot, or if they’re planning an “open call.” This is an audition for women and men with modeling potential. That potential includes being photogenic, with flawless skin and healthy hair, and a certain flair in front of a camera. There’s also a market for models with particular body types, or beautiful hands or feet. In every case, you need a lot of confidence and the ability to deal with rejection. Models may promote beauty products, clothing or accessories in printed publications, on television, or through live modeling. This is a career that doesn’t require a high level of education to earn a good income. And while most models never make it onto the covers of the top magazines, there is still plenty of opportunity for excitement and travel.


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