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Classes at health clubs and exercise studios are one of the ways people get -- and stay -- physically fit. These programs are designed and led by fitness trainers and aerobics instructors. They demonstrate correct exercise form and the proper use of equipment. These teachers also instruct students on weight-training, flexibility, aerobics and other workout modes, often developing programs for people with special goals or requirements. Aerobics instructors plan routines that work different sets of muscles, combining a high-energy sweat session with music. The job may require maintaining equipment and keeping records, as well as promoting membership and enrollment. Fitness trainers are cheerleaders for a healthy lifestyle, and are called on to answer questions about weight control and nutrition. Good communication skills and an approachable manner are essential. Running several classes a day requires stamina and energy and it's expected that you be in top shape. That also helps to motivate and inspire your students. Many facilities offer part-time schedules. Fitness trainers generally must be certified in a fitness field such as personal training, weight training or aerobics. They may also need to be certified in CPR and first aid. A bachelor’s degree in exercise science, physical education or a related field is usually required to advance to management positions in a health club or fitness center. Instructors often come from other sports disciplines or dance. Some are inspired to go to the head of the class after years as a student. Becoming a fitness trainer is a great way to share your commitment to an active lifestyle.


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