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A friendly person in many young children’s lives is the School Bus driver. These individuals are responsible for safely transporting children to and from school every day. Students are picked up and dropped off at designated locations on a set route and schedule. School bus drivers are trained to operate their vehicles safely and maintain a safe atmosphere on the bus. Drivers must be especially careful when children get on or exit the bus. Since they deal with young children, a courteous, friendly attitude and good communications skills are important. While the job is not physically strenuous, it can be fatiguing and stressful, especially in heavy traffic or bad weather. School bus drivers must have a commercial driver’s license, good hearing and vision, and a good driving record. They work only when school is in session and typically drive one or two routes in the morning and the afternoon. Some drivers may work additional hours taking students on field trips or to athletic events. They prepare weekly reports detailing passengers loads, the number of trips or runs, hours worked, miles driven and fuel consumption. Some drivers are independent contractors and own their busses. Parents entrust the lives of their children to school bus drivers every school day. Now that’s a job with major responsibilities!


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