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It looks so simple: the house is for sale. Someone wants to buy it. But the negotiations, financing and closing of the deal can be very complex. So most people selling real estate, and buying it, work with a broker. Real estate brokers have to be licensed by the state where they’re selling property. They take 30 to 90 hours of coursework about marketing property, zoning and tax laws, inspections, mortgages and other related matters. Then they take a written exam, and in some states real estate agent experience is required before a broker’s license is awarded. Brokers spend a lot of time away from their desks, meeting with sellers and buyers, visiting properties, holding open houses for prospective buyers, making sure inspections and repairs required in the buying agreement have been accomplished and attending closings. This is a field that rewards sensitivity to customers’ needs, and ambition. A neat appearance, trustworthiness, and a willingness to work odd hours and weekends are essentials. After all, you’re connecting customers to one of the most important things in their lives: their future homes. While some brokers have salaried positions in real estate agencies, many are self-employed, and all work on commission. The broker who obtains the listing and the broker who finds the buyer share a percentage of the selling price as commission. If the same broker lists the property and finds a buyer—then that broker keeps the entire commission. Real estate brokers sell and rent homes, office and industrial space, and farms. Most often, a broker specializes in a particular kind of property—or even a particular neighborhood. Knowledge and experience help you convince a seller to give you the listing…and help you guide buyers to a home that will make them happy.


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