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Before a judge can bang the gavel to call a court to order…a court clerk organizes the whole procedure. It is up to the clerk to prepare a calendar of cases to be called in court, and to contact every person who will be needed to try the case. All the documents submitted for the case have to be pulled together and distributed. And the all-important procedures must be explained to those who will participate. The court clerk administers the oath to those sworn in to give testimony. They also record case dispositions, court orders, and arrange for payment of court fees. The clerk might also be responsible for transcripts of the proceedings, and the collection of fines and fees. The job usually requires a high school diploma and excellent communication and organization skills. Some court clerks get their jobs after taking courses in court proceedings at a career school or community college. The Court Clerk is a key component of one of the most important parts of our democracy: our system of justice.


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