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There was a time when people actually believed that computers would lead to a paperless office. It never happened. Instead, computers have generated more paper print-outs than ever before. This paper must be managed. As a result, clerical supervisors and managers hire, supervise and guide the work of the clerks, typists and data-entry operators who type and file all those pieces of paper. Clerical supervisors may also be called office managers, customer service supervisors or even chief telephone operators. Although all clerks need managers, not all clerks work with computers and paper. Duties include distributing staff work assignments and insuring that they are completed, managing work schedules and properly training staff members. They are also responsible for making sure that office equipment is properly maintained and repaired. Most individuals rise through the ranks by starting as clerks themselves and thoroughly learning the job. Good typing, computer and software skills are often essential. But so to, is an ability to motivate and manage others. There may be pressure from above and it may be necessary to mediate disputes or even fire people below. But there is also the satisfaction that knowing that without the people in your office (many of which you personally have hired) no work would ever get done. Probably, no one would be able to find anything without a clerk or personal computer.


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