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Communications Equipment Operators keep the world talking. They may be switchboard operators, telephone operators, or directory assistance operators. They might work at a company with an internal phone system…or at a global long distance provider…but the basic task is the same: they connect callers with the people they’re trying to reach. These days that process might include a lot of automation, with machines handling key functions such as message taking and routing calls. But when humans are needed to provide assistance or answers, communications equipment operators are on the line. They usually work at computer terminals in clean, well-lighted workstations. They may work shifts, evenings, holidays, or weekends. Some jobs are part-time. While training takes place on the job, there are several things you’ll need to be hired: a high school diploma, a clear speaking voice, computer skills and an ability to handle written information and numbers. Customers can be demanding, so you’ll need to be patient and understanding. And in our increasingly mobile, global world, speaking an additional language besides English can be a real plus.


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