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Many print materials that used to take an entire team and lots of equipment to produce…can now be created by one person at a computer. Called Desktop Publishers, they are revolutionizing the printing industry. From books…to newspapers…to brochures and even business cards, new software technologies are making it easier for tasks to be accomplished with a mouse and keyboard. A desktop publisher writes and edits text, designs graphics and develops layouts. They may also be responsible for converting text and graphics to an Internet-ready format. So, strong computer skills, creativity, a good understanding of grammar and a design sense are important. Good communication skills, manual dexterity and attention to detail are also useful traits to have. A 2 or 4 year degree in graphic arts can provide a good background. Courses in print reproduction and website design are also helpful. On the job training is often available. This is a growing field. Companies are increasingly turning to desktop publishers to handle their print needs. In addition to working under the pressure of deadlines, the job may require late nights and weekends. Long hours sitting at a computer can cause problems such as eye strain and back discomfort. This is a career that combines the art of design…with the science of cutting edge computer technology…to help people be better informed.


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