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America’s farms and ranches feed the world. The wood from our forests is also in great demand. Agricultural Inspectors help to make sure that everything grown for commercial purposes meets government standards for quality and safety. Inspectors are involved in all aspects of the production process…often examining samples along the way. They also inspect the equipment used in the production; checking to see that it’s clean and in proper working condition. This can be a very physical job with a lot of walking. Sometimes inspectors need to bend or even crawl to reach difficult-to-see places. In addition to being in the field, this job entails office work. Inspectors are called upon to review lab test results and write reports While some large companies hire their own inspectors to monitor the production process, most agricultural inspectors work for county and state governments…or for the federal government through the U.S. Department of Agriculture. A bachelor’s degree is needed for some positions. Inspectors are often licensed, which requires passing an exam. Agricultural Inspectors provide the public with an invaluable service. Because of their work, we can have confidence in the quality of the food we eat and the products we use.


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